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Club Information

Under 25

If you’re genetically gifted and you look under 25, you will be asked to provide ID.

We’ll accept driving licenses, passports or any other form of photo ID that has a Pass logo. 

Your ID may be confiscated by our in-house security team if they believe it to be fake or being used fraudulently. Any confiscated ID will be handed over to the police or destroyed.

On the flip side, any genuine ID that is handed in to our staff will be kept for 4 weeks. We will attempt to return these to their rightful owners. Failing that, any ID will be destroyed after 4 weeks.

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Under 18’s

In what we consider to be a progressive approach, we do allow children under 18 into The Blue Note.

The catch is, they have to be accompanied by an adult and they must have left by 10pm. We also won’t serve them alcohol, but we figure that’s a given.  

Strobe lighting

We do use strobe lighting during our live music events, and at night when we operate as a nightclub. 

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Lost property

We care about your belongings, and so should you. Please keep your belongings with you at all times. We keep any lost items for 4 weeks, after which they will be disposed of or given to charity.

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Cloak room

For just £1 per item, we’ll look after your coats, jackets and capes (if that’s what you’re in to)

Though we take care of your items, they are still left at your own risk.

If you lose your allocated cloak room token, you will be asked to provide some sort of proof that the item belongs to you, or risk waiting until close to retrieve it.

Again, any items left behind will be kept for 4 weeks, before being disposed of or given to charity.

Dress code 

Hoods and hats are not permitted at any time. You may wear a hoodie, but the hood must remain down. 

Football or sports tops are not permitted at any time.

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The following only applies after 10pm or at a pre-planned event

Trainers (including bubble trainers), Shorts and 3/4 length trousers are all welcome.

Joggers are not permitted.

Our security team reserve the right to refuse entry or remove you from the premises based on your outfit choices. This will be done without recompense. So put some effort in, and play by the rules.

We say yes to fancy dress, even if it includes a mask. But you may be asked to remove the mask at any time to verify your identity. 


Scrapping with strangers could well be your idea of a fun time, but it isn’t ours. Any aggressive, abusive or violent behaviour will NOT be tolerated. 

The same can be said for those that are drunk and disorderly. 

Any breaches of the above will result in removal from the premises without recompense.

Security Team 

You may be refused entry or removed from the premises for any number of reasons. Although you may disagree, the word of our security team is final and withstanding for the remainder of the trading day.


We’re always watching. Close Circuit Television Cameras are in continuous operation throughout the premises. All recording are subject to the relevant GDPR rules.

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If you have any questions about the above, please feel free to get in touch using the ‘Contact Us’ page.