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BLUE NOTE CALLING: Meet the DJ – 1 of 5.

Hi everyone, as Soul Fuzion is back with us on Saturday 24 June 2017, doors open 9.00pm, we at The Blue Note thought it would be nice to give you all an insight into the man in the booth, the man behind the mic, the man spinning the tracks you are listening to.

How did these guys get into the music game and in particular become DJs? So, we thought up the 10 magic questions that are asked in this kind of situation, met up for a beer and once all relaxed, began to probe and find out what makes them tick.

First up is Paul “Backo” Baxter, who has helped The Blue Note enormously in creating the Soul Fuzion night out, to give the over 35’s somewhere to go where they can meet up for a chat, a beer or glass of wine, have a dance or just listen to the music. I’ve never met a man who is so committed to his music and is passionate about clubs like The Blue Note that have such deep history.

Everyone has a tale to tell about The Blue Note, mostly good I might add, so creating the chance to come back and have a look round is the objective whilst also adding another dimension to what’s on offer at this iconic venue.

So, here are the 10 questions we have put to each of our DJ team, it’s a brief insight to the person behind the “Mic”, gives you a brief insight into who these guys are, where they come from and how they come to be working as a DJ.

  1. Who are you?
    My name is Paul “Backo” Baxter.
  2. Where do you come from?
    I was born and bred in Derby for my sins, in what we now refer to as “The West End”. I lived at No 1 Charles Street, which has now gone and in its place is Radio Derby and the Inner Ring Road.
  3. What’s your day job?
    Fire Fighter now retired. I had a great career with lots of incidents as you would expect from a fire fighter. Too many tales to tell, just glad I survived.
  4. How did you get into DJ’ing
    A good question. Music is a funny old interest as when you start listening to it as a young man, you like what you like and it goes from there. Going back in time, when I was a kid Youth Clubs were all the rage and when I was just 13 years old, as like a lot of youngsters, that’s where I went. The club was the incredible “Darwin Youth Club”,  it became a mecca of the day for local kids and spawned several DJ’s who went on to have great careers. To name a couple John Boyce, who played at Manchester’s Twisted Wheel and John “Hector” Heathcote, who went on to star at The WAG in London. Great guys, brilliant DJ’s and still around today.
  5. Do you have a “Tag Name” and how did you get it?
    Yes, it’s “Backo” if you haven’t managed to work it out!
    It originated from the work place as everyone shouts you by shortening your name. In my case Baxter was quickly abbreviated to Backo, and it has stuck. In reality nobody knows my first name and I seldom get called it, Paul for your info! It’s amazing how we all communicate and nick names are part of the game.
  6. Do you have a favourite track?
    I could narrow it down to around a 1000, over the years there’s been many, many great recording artists who have put out wonderful dance and listening tracks, too many to pick one.
    However, there is one that springs to mind, “Break Out” by Mich Ryder & The Detroit wheels. Brilliant track and very influential on me.
  7. Whose your favourite band?
    As your previous question, there have been loads through my life. But I think as a game changer, it’s got to be The Beatles.
  8. What’s your favourite night club? 
    Terry Christen stated his favourite night club of all time is The Blue Note (Thank You Terry), so if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me. However, as a Derby lad, following close behind was Clouds which morphed into Cleo’s, it comes a very close second. Happy Days indeed.
  9. What’s your greatest music experience?
    Meeting Edwin Star. Having seen him several times I finally got to meet the great man at of all places, Derby’s Zanzibar Night Club on London Road (now Cosmo restaurant). He was just like his persona on stage, an amazing guy.
  10. Give us a “Pearl” of wisdom.
    For all the fun I’ve had over the years, experience teaches you all sorts of things. But one virtue always sticks out and has stood the test of time. “Treat People How You Want to be Treated Yourself” …and you won’t go far wrong.

So, a great insight into a wonderful guy who lives for his music and also has values by which he lives his life.

Paul will be staring at our next gig playing his full range of Soul and Funk classic sounds, we hope you will all be there to enjoy.

Thanks for reading, The Blue Note


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