Hi Everyone, Soul Fuzion is back with us on Saturday 9th December 2017, for our Xmas Party, I guess that makes it time to both remind all of our followers and release the latest in our series of “Meet the DJ”, the man in the box, the man who spins the discs.

In our mini series of 5, forth up is Paul “Shabba” Shippey, and has helped The Blue Note enormously in creating the Soul Fuzion night out, to give the over 35’s somewhere to go where they can meet up for a chat, a beer or glass of wine, have a dance or just listen to the music.

Paul has such a feel for his music, he has that happy knack of playing the right track at the right moment, which is great for our club goers and helps enormously to generate the wonderful atmosphere we have here at The Blue Note.

At our Xmas party, all five of our featured DJ’s will be appearing which leaves me to issue one more “Meet the DJ” to complete our mini series and for all you guys out there to have an idea about who is entertaining you.

It threatens to be one hell of a party, so if you don’t want to miss this grand year end finale, doors open 9.00pm, make sure you get your ticket on line or be there early.

It will be £5 entry all night with a complimentary glass of fizz on arrival just to start you off in the right mood.

So, here are the 10 questions we have put to each of our DJ team of which today, read on, it’s a brief insight to the person behind the “Mic”, give you an insight into who these guys are, where they come from and how they come to be working as a DJ.

1 Who are you My name is Paul “Shabba” Shippey.


2 Where do you come from I’m second generation Jamaican; my parents came over in the late 50’s …. So my roots are in the Caribbean. I was born in Derby and raised in Normanton, living in Shaftsbury Avenue adjacent to the old Baseball Ground, past home of Derby County.


3 What’s your day job I work at The Derby Royal as a Porter. I love it. I meet so many people who are so worse off than me, … it makes me proud to earn my living in the NHS and do my bit to help so many people who pass through. (You make me feel very humble Shabba)


4 How did you get into DJ’ing Like just about every kid growing up, I was influenced with what was going on in my home and in my case, … my dad was a DJ namely Patrick Antony, who was very prominent on the Derby scene through the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  As a consequence my home life was all about what was going down during these periods. I can remember great tunes from The Drifters and Sam Cook being played with regularity. Also huge amounts of Disco, Motown, Reggae and Soul. So I guess it is in my blood to be playing music via the DJ Booth ??? (A pretty good grounding there then!!! and yes, being a DJ looks like your destiny).


5 Do you have a “Tag Name” and how did you get it?? Ha, ha, … you are going to laugh at this one. I was doing a karaoke spot one night and as always, ones mates were in full attendance taking the proverbial. As a consequence I got nick named “Shabba” because I sounded like the great man singing “Lover Man”. It has stuck and now I get called “Shabba” more than my real name. (We believe you  …. Shabba!!!)


6 Do you have a favourite track I’ve been following your previous “Meet the DJ” interviews and I must confess, they are all spot on when it comes to trying to separate one track from multitudes as a favourite.  But hey, way back I bought a CD by Soul to Soul which has special memories for me and the track “Back to Life” just does it for me. (Great band, great music and a great track … go to the top of the class Shabba, I knew we had a good DJ when we signed you!!!)


7 Whose your favourite band Too many to pick from during my education, so it’s always going to be one where I have been lucky to see them live. For me that was UB 40 at Nottingham Arena. Strutting their stuff at their peak was magnificent and certainly hit the mark with me. A great band. (We agree Shabba, .. a great band indeed)


8 What’s your favourite night club As a Derby Lad I was blessed with more choice than enough especially when you add in what was on offer just down the road in Nottingham. Crikey, how do you separate, The Blue Note, The Rockhouse, The Dial, The Pink Coconut, St. James Club, Clouds and Cleo’s, etc.  I guess I’m going to go for one of the biggest and best clubs ever to appear in the UK let alone Derby, and that was The Pink Coconut. Fabulous, fabulous club, perfect in design and layout, great music and always full at the weekend. It’s all gone now but for a period, we were so lucky in Derby to have this club on our patch. (Brilliant choice Shabba, … I was a big fan of this club myself and people poured in from all over the country. Fabulous)


9 What’s your greatest music experience I’m really struggling here as I grew up through the 80’s and 90’s which cover an aweful lot of really good bands that emerged through this period especially when you consider all the music genres such as Disco, Motown, Mod Bands, Punk and of the continued evolution of Soul, Blues and Jazz. I guess I’m just a spoilt boy who enjoys his music. (Very Profound Shabba)


10 Give us a “Pearl” of wisdom For me, something that reflects life in general and inspires everyone never to give up no matter what the odds, so here goes. “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog”.   (Good choice again Shabba, … we can’t fault your wisdom).

Paul “Shabba” Shippey is one of our resident DJ’s at Soul Fuzion, as you can see from this interview,  he fits in superbly with both club and the other DJ’s.

Get down to our next gig on Saturday 9th December 2017 to hear him; you will not be disappointed.

Enjoy your reading.

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