Soul Fuzion at The Blue Note

Hi everyone, as Soul Fuzion is back with us on Saturday 23rd September 2017, doors open 9.00pm, I can now bring you the latest in our Meet the DJ saga being the third in our series of five.

Our feature DJ this time is Jon Mills, who has the most relaxed style about himself that defies his particular brand of Soul Funk Jazz classic music. I love the guy and think so will all of you, so get down early as Jon will be starring on the bill at our September Soul Fuzion gig from 9.00 till 11.30 when DJ’s Tony “Rev” Palmer and Paul “Shabba” Shippey take over to see you through to the end.

So, here are his answers to the 10 questions we have put to each of our DJ team, read on, it’s a brief insight to the person behind the “Mic”, but also gives you an insight into who these guys are, where they come from and how they come to be working as a DJ


No Question Answer
1 Who are you Jon Mills. Farmer’s son but definitely not a farmer! – We are happy for you to feed us Soul Music Jon.
2 Where do you come from Born and bred in Belper, I’ve had itchy feet from time to time and worked in various parts of the UK and abroad over the years. Now glad to be back in Derbyshire, living in the village of Crich. – Definitely a local lad then???
3 What’s your day job I’m a partner in a sales training company – two companies actually! So it’s usually long hours and limited time off but I don’t have a boss, which is always a good thing!
4 How did you get into DJ’ing First I got into the music. My two older brothers were playing Motown and soul around the house so that started it. Then I discovered Radio Luxembourg, which helped. Still in my early teens and a farmer’s son I ended up at all the local young farmer discos. I soaked up all the music and used to watch the DJ there – always Dave Nash – which gave me the desire to try it myself. My chance came in 1978 when a good friend bought a mobile disco and I became chief roadie and DJ. It went from there. – Sounds like a great schooling in the art of being a DJ. We are lucky to have you Jon!!!
5 Do you have a “Tag Name” and how did you get it?? Not guilty. I’ve probably get called lots of things though when I don’t play requests. – Nothing wrong in being known in person Jon.
6 Do you have a favourite track  Impossible! There are at least 200 in my top 10 LOL.  But if you’re pushing me then the one track that comes to mind and never fails to give me goose pimples is ‘Galveston Bay’ by Lonnie Hill from around 1984. Beautiful slice of soul music which should be on the NHS! – Nice choice.
7 Whose your favourite band  It’s probably a singer actually who started off in a band – Teddy Pendergrass. It was his voice on all the major Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes hits of the 70’s then went on to have a great solo career. Saw him live at his peak at Manchester Apollo. – I love Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes. Great choice and a good plug for The Blue Note!!!
8 What’s your favourite night club  You mean apart from The Blue Note of course! It’s funny; the one club that came to mind first when you asked that question was an open air night club in Lindos on the Greek island of Rhodes – called The Acropolis. In 1991 I went on what was supposed to be a quiet holiday to Lindos with two buddies who were both recovering from significant life events. I’ll spare you the details but it was anything but quiet – and The Acropolis was at the centre of it all! Well you did ask. – Misspent youth and all that. Great fun growing up is it not.
9 What’s your greatest music experience My, my these questions are difficult!  What comes to mind is the first live band I ever saw, which has never been beaten in 38 years since. I’m talking about Earth Wind & Fire at Bingley Hall Stafford March 1979. 100% on top of their game. Musical perfection, special effects, superb crowd. Talk about starting at the top! – Another great experience and what a band to pick. You have great choice Jon Mills.
10 Give us a “Pearl” of wisdom  “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time” TS Elliot – Brilliant, that’s why we have you at The Blue Note …. back to where it all started.


Jon Mills is one of our resident DJ’s at Soul Fuzion and will be staring at our next gig on 23rd September 2017, playing his full range of Soul, Funky Soul and Jazz Funk sounds, … hope you will all be there to enjoy.

Enjoy your reading.

The Blue Note.


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