BLUE NOTE CALLING: Meet the DJ – 2 of 5.

Only a few days to go till our second Soul Fuzion Gig, (24th June 2017) so what better way to remind all you guys out there than to send you our second DJ interview with Tony “Rev” Palmer.

Second in our series of 5 is Tony “Rev” Palmer, who brings an eclectic mix of soulful tunes that just doesn’t seem to have any limits. Dance, easy listening, foot tapping and mood, he does the lot with style and charisma.

Like all our DJ’s lined up in our Soul Fuzion gigs, he is passionate about clubs like The Blue Note that have such deep history.

So, here are his answers to the 10 questions we have put to each of our DJ team, read on, it’s a brief insight to the person behind the “Mic”, but also gives you an insight into who these guys are, where they come from and how they come to be working as a DJ.

1. Who are you?
My name is Tony “Rev” Palmer.

2. Where do you come from?
I’m second generation Jamaican, my parents came over in the late 50’s, so my roots are in the Caribbean. I was born and bred in Forest Gate, London. It’s near Stratford so you could say I’m an ex Eastender!!! I moved to Derby in 1968 and have really enjoyed living here.

3. What’s your day job?
I work in the NHS, you might say I’m a Facilities Manager as I move people and equipment’s between Facilities. Others might say I’m a Porter, but whatever, I love my job and enjoy working for such an incredible institution as the NHS.

4. How did you get into DJ’ing
I’m no different to lots of kids growing up, we all listen to what our mum and dads are playing, so we tend to dance to their tunes as it were. My dad was keen on music and I grew up listening to Reggae, Motown, Ska, Blue Beat, etc. Dad also had a fabulous sound system of which he kindly let me use. I guess being a DJ was my destiny and now I really enjoy getting behind the Mic and banging out my favourite tracks for everyone to enjoy.

5. Do you have a “Tag Name” and how did you get it?
Crazy as it might seem (Who’s ever heard of a DJ without a tag?!), yes, I do have one which came about as a direct result of being dressed smart and dapper. I turned up at a pub (The Mafeking Hotel in Derby) to meet a few of my mates, I was dressed in a really smart casual outfit of Black Trousers and a Black Jumper. One of my friends started taking the p!ss by saying, “You only need a white collar and you will look like a Reverend”. From that day on, every time I turned up he would shout out …. “Hi Rev” or “Here’s the Rev!” It has stuck and it is now an integral part of who I am. I know not why, but there it is.

6. Do you have a favourite track?
Wow! Such a loaded question for a DJ. As I stated previously, I was raised by parents who loved their music, putting on dance tracks to boogie to while cooking dinner and “Jamming” round the kitchen table.
However, my listening over the years has covered just about every music genre you could image and along the way, some great tunes. I can’t name a favourite track, but one of my all-time greats was Al Green and his hit “Stay Together” is absolutely fabulous listening. (If it’s good enough for you “Rev”, it’s good enough for us)

7. Whose your favourite band?
I love Jazz Funk and again could name lots of bands that have thrilled me all over the years. However, one band that I did get to see in their heyday was “The Crusaders”. “Street Life” was a big hit for them and from seeing them live, I have some great memories to enjoy for the rest of my life.

8. What’s your favourite night club? 
Now living in the Midlands, I used to visit Nottingham on a regular basis and was particularly fond of one club called “Ad-Lib”. I had some great times in there and for me it was the right place, right time. In Derby however we were spoilt for choice with The Pink Coconut, The Blue Note, Club Vogue, Cleopatra’s, to name a few. But in the end I guess it has to be The Blue Note. (Perfect Answer “Rev”)

9. What’s your greatest music experience?
The first time I played in front of 250 people was quite mind blowing. I organised a gig at “The Old Bell” in Sadler Gate, a neighbour of The Blue Note. It was an awesome experience and one that will live with me forever probably because I organised it and it was so personal to me. Getting that many people “Jamming” on the dance floor, keeping them happy with your selection of tracks is a big responsibility. I loved every minute of it and now I’m looking forward to helping the Blue Note build a really successful Soul Fuzion night. (You’re on the ball with your answers “Rev”, another perfect score!!)

10. Give us a “Pearl” of wisdom.
My Jamaican roots give me a cracker for everyone to get their heads round, my mum always used to advise me, “Never call a Crocodile a Long Mouth before you’ve crossed the river”? (As “Rev” states, when you have got your head around this one, please send in your answers!!!).

Tony “Rev” Palmer is one of our resident DJ’s at Soul Fuzion, as you can see from this interview he has character and class as well as a wonderful knowledge of music.
Get down to our next gig on Saturday 24th June to hear him; you will definitely not be disappointed.

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