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Dancing away those early hours when the pubs have shut

BEING in a new city you will want to know where to go to study for your degree in being a playboy or Debutante and dance until the early hours of the morning- so when the pubs let out here are some the places to go.

The Blue Note Club, Sadlergate

This is probably Derby’s most famous club.
Due to complimentary articles in trendy magazines such as The Face, The Blue Note has become known to club-goers all around the country. This small select club is a must for the posers and people who like to go somewhere to be seen. You have to be quite smart and fashionable to get in, but the only real dress restriction is that you can’t wear pumps or training shoes.
On October 14 there will be a new launching of the Blue Note club to coincide with a new lights system and a 10ft video screen. The club is members only and membership is £2 for the year. It specialises in the alternative and elite, being far from a run-of-the-mill chars-orientated disco as the music tends to be very modern and in vogue.
There are also regular band nights at the club during the week. Over the past 18 months such distinguished names as New Order, Blancmange, Mari Wilson, Culture Club and Bo Diddley have played there. And with students in mind, every Thursday starting October 20 there will be a cut price band night- £1 entrance for members, £1.50 non-members. These bands will include the best Derby bands and some up-and-coming nationally known bands.